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A Window- Milo Imagines the World

Our eight-year-old son got his own library card yesterday and we celebrated it like a holiday.  As he filled out the form, full of pride, he asked me what to do on the signature line.  I explained it is a place to write your name in a fancy way.  The bubble letters that ensued were puffy with enthusiasm.  As my friend later told me- “regular letters could not contain him.” We meandered around the library;

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Invest in a booklight! The Parker Inheritance

A real-life one act play from this past weekend:[Late at night.  I am in bed, reading with a tiny book light so as not to disturb my husband, who is wisely sleeping.  He rolls over]Husband: The book is that good?Me: Hmmmm? (distracted “I’m reading mumble”- he is well acquainted)Husband:  The book.  It’s really good?Me:  So good!  If I had this book when I was 10 or 11, I would have been up past midnight reading

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