Happy birthday to me!

Hi, I’m Jaclyn.
I have been thinking about starting this website for years, writing and rewriting entries in my head, wanting it to be perfect before I launched it.  My intent was to have it up and running this winter, perhaps early spring, and then the world turned upside down.

I am a pediatrician in Upstate New York.  My patients do not like wearing masks, are not the best at covering a cough or a sneeze, and often cry, loudly and directly into my face. My job involves getting close to kids and helping them feel safe, and right now everything feels. . .precarious.  

So today is my birthday, and I have decided enough is enough.  Nothing is perfect, nor will it ever be.  Life is too short to wait for perfect editing.  Tomorrow is not promised.  I am spending my birthday at work, wearing a Mo Willems designed shirt to benefit essential health care workers and World Central Kitchen.  It seems a fitting day, and a fitting outfit, to start a new adventure.  If you are thinking about creating something, stop thinking and just do it.

Hi, I’m Jaclyn, and I am The Readiatrician.  Thanks for stopping by.  Let’s begin!

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. I can’t wait to read future entries! Kudos to you for finding time to read and write while providing kind and compassionate care to your patients.

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