Welcome to The Readiatrician!

My favorite question to ask, or be asked, is “what are you reading right now?”

It is the question in which I most come alive. I hang on every word when I ask it, and when someone asks me, I answer it exuberantly. I talk with my hands. I feel myself going on and on, speaking far too much.

It’s the best.

I love recommending books to my family, friends, and patients. I revel in hearing about what they are reading, and passing those titles along. I ask every patient at every check up what they are reading (or what is being read to them) and it is my favorite part of the visit. It creates a new point of connection and conversation that I have come to treasure.

This website is my way of bringing those conversations to a wider audience. If you are so inclined, here you will find some resources on the essential value of reading, how to read to children of all ages, and how to keep emerging and independent readers engaged. But the bulk of this site, dare I say the best part of this site, will be posts of me, simply running up to you breathlessly, as if to say, “but have you read this one yet?”

So, in short, I am delighted you are here. I hope that, in the posts to come, I grow to be the friend you call upon when you need a new book to read, to give, or to share. Do you have a young reader in your life? Wonderful! Have they read this one yet?

An important note:

I am a working pediatrician but this is not a blog for medical advice or opinion. If you have a medical question, you should ask your own doctor. Comment threads concerning medical advice or topics will be removed. Now, if I happen to be your or your child’s doctor- thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you came to check out the website! I still cannot answer your medical questions here or at the associated email. It is not a HIPAA protected platform, putting your privacy and my professionalism at risk. I also cannot guarantee I will check this website or email in the timely fashion that your question deserves. Give the office a call instead!

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