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The Kids are All Right- The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

I fall hard for stories about scrappy siblings.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in a house with such fantastic brothers. Maybe siblings just make for good stories. All I know is, from The Saturdays to The Five Children and It, to The Boxcar Children to All-of-a-Kind Family, I have always loved books where houses are overstuffed, a jumble of kids are tumbling along the walls, and siblings in a jam help each other out/save

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Invest in a booklight! The Parker Inheritance

A real-life one act play from this past weekend:[Late at night.  I am in bed, reading with a tiny book light so as not to disturb my husband, who is wisely sleeping.  He rolls over]Husband: The book is that good?Me: Hmmmm? (distracted “I’m reading mumble”- he is well acquainted)Husband:  The book.  It’s really good?Me:  So good!  If I had this book when I was 10 or 11, I would have been up past midnight reading

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A Little Hope- The Lifters

How are you all doing? Truly- is everybody ok? It all feels like a lot right now. Honestly, every time we get to the end of the day, I am astonished that we made it, successfully, to the end of the day. The pressures of the pandemic, hybrid school, the impending election and increasing feeling that everything in the world is just. . .off. It feels unsettling, to put it lightly. Not to mention all

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