Are you a real doctor?

I am! I’m board certified pediatrician practicing full-time in Syracuse, NY since 2012. I am also an assistant professor of pediatrics at Upstate Medical University.

So, can I ask you a medical question?

Nope! Sorry, but this is not the right place for that. Please see the disclaimer.

Who designed your amazing logo?

My kind, considerate, creative friend, Gilly! Interested in having something hand lettered? Check out her “handwriting for hire” on Instagram at @gilligraphybygilly

Did you know that you made a typographical error?

Likely, I did not notice. Thank you for bringing it to my attention- how embarrassing! Errors like this drive me bananas. I will fix it as soon as I can.

I wrote a comment on your site and it disappeared! Where did it go?

Was your comment rude? This is a place for us to share the pleasure of reading and our opinions on what we read to the young readers in our lives. If your comment is offensive, derogatory, or insulting to the inclusive audience I am building, it will be removed. There is no place for that here. If you do not like the subject matter of a particular book, I encourage you to simply pick another.

What “grown up” books do you like? What are you reading now?

Thank you for asking! My goodreads page lists my “grown up” book choices. Though I would argue that all grown ups would love kidlit if they gave it a try

So that cute kid on the book stack that I click to get back to the home page- Is that an actual Cabbage Patch kid figurine?!?

Yes, it is! I was born in the early 1980s and these dolls were the cat’s pajamas. I named this one Matilda and she was my favorite. She used to live on a shelf in my bedroom. Now she lives on the desk in my office.